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Ecosoft Company continues the good tradition of the holiday price  
  • 07 December 2016
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We are glad to present a new offer from the  
  • 01 August 2016
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Osmosovsky Pro
Osmosovsky Pro
Михаил, спасибо за отзыв) 
  • 28 December 2018;
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Потребовалось обслуживание системы TGI после 5ти лет эксплуатации. Все сделано как всегда на высшем уровне - быстро, качественно и недорого.  
  • 26 December 2018;
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Osmosovsky - reverse osmosis system in your home

  Since 2006, the team Osmosovsky engaged  professional  assembly, installation, repair and maintenance of reverse osmosis systems. Reverse Osmosis System with installation - our profiled specialty for many years.
  We suggest you to install a reverse osmosis filter and forget about the inconvenience of providing family really pure water. We will help you to save the health, energy, time and money!
   Reverse osmosis system in your home - it is, above all, clean, safe water at any time and in the required quantity. Regular consumption of a systematic crystal clear water will help the body get rid of unnecessary excessive slagging salts, cleanse the kidneys, blood vessels, tissues, improve overall health.
      Positive statistics on the use of reverse osmosis filter for drinking water has dozens of years. Properly operating the osmosis filter stably provide a family friendly, safe and affordable water (in terms of running costs and complete filter return for 5 years the cost of water from the reverse osmosis is 10 to 25 kopecks / liter, depending on the value of the reverse osmosis filter and consumable filter materials). Regular reverse osmosis treatment, timely replacement of reverse osmosis filters, regular water quality monitoring and diagnostics systems of reverse osmosis, osmosis repair (if necessary) can successfully operate a quality system, reverse osmosis much longer recommended by the manufacturer 5 years.
      In developed countries, reverse osmosis system is familiar and integral part of family life - as a microwave oven, air conditioner or refrigerator. Question osmosis buy or not even being discussed.
      Domestic reverse osmosis filter in your home will provide the family with fresh water crystal clear, safe and useful. Anytime. Always - simply open the drinking valve. Yes, no trips to the supermarket with plastic bottles, no schedules hydrating water suppliers and bulky bottles, no drums in the courtyard with water and burst.
      Just open the tap.
      Call us - experts Osmosovsky will do everything quickly and efficiently: we will find the reverse osmosis system to your requirements and budget (Ukraine osmosis, osmosis Taiwan, Europe osmosis, osmosis USA), will deliver by installing, run and take on the support. And all this for a very sane money - a process long been worked out and put "on stream". In addition, for the loyal and regular customers a system of bonuses and discounts tangible.
To pure water - one call!
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  • Ecosoft brand
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  • OEM brand
  • Watermelon brand
  • Deng Yuan brand
  • CSM brand
  • FCS brand
  • Vontron brand
  • Pentek brand
  • John Guest brand
  • Osmosovsky brand
  • HM Digital brand
  • H2O systems brand
  • FITaqua brand
  • Purenex, Inc brand
  • PA-E brand
Reverse osmosis systems are very demanding on the water pressure. For full reverse osmosis filter should be stable 4 - 5 atmospheres. The lowest possible - 2.8 atmosphere. When lack of inlet pressure through the reverse osmosis filter pas 
  • 19 January 2016
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For users of household filters reverse osmosis is a topical question: How often should I change the most important element of a reverse osmosis system - membrane. System builders and manufacturers of membranes indicate a variety of perio 
  • 19 January 2016
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On the reverse osmosis technology for many years maintained the continuing heated debate. Amateurs, marketers, doctors with superficial knowledge of the subject, the sellers of insufficiently treated water to distribute, to put it mi 
  • 26 July 2015
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We suggest you spend a few simple tests for visual confirmation of the benefits of the reverse osmosis filter. Tea Prepare two transparent glass. Pour into one boiled hot water tap, the second - the boiled water from the reverse osmosis syst 
  • 21 may 2015
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The main error in the operation of the reverse osmosis filter is untimely replacement cartridges preliminary. Thus, in most instructions specified replacement intervals of 3 - 6 months. Actual operating conditions is different. In ter 
  • 21 may 2015
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On the content of salt water, purified reverse osmosis filters, similar to distilled. We offer you the Chapter 5 of the world famous book "The Miracle of Fasting" Paul Bragg. Chapter 5. Why do I drink only distilled water In this book, when I t 
  • 04 may 2015
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Structured water - a term often used in the text of alternative medicine and esotericism used to refer to some "water modified with respect to the equilibrium structure of the environment." Often, structured water is offered as a "sverhle 
  • 25 April 2015
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We offer to pay attention to some features of operating a reverse osmosis filter. In the winter, the time of day reverse osmosis system is covered by "sweating" under it may form a pool of water. This does not necessarily mean the system leaka 
  • 09 April 2015
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