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Features of operation of osmosis

  • 09 April 2015
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  • 5 Features of operation of osmosis

We offer to pay attention to some features of operating a reverse osmosis filter.

In the winter, the time of day reverse osmosis system is covered by "sweating" under it may form a pool of water. This does not necessarily mean the system leakage. In winter, the incoming water can be very low temperature (with an autonomous source of water - well, well - all year round). When typing in a tank of water reverse osmosis filter passes through a 0.6 - 1.2 liters of water per minute; process can go up to several hours (ice-water performance of the reverse osmosis system is significantly reduced). Naturally, in a warm room in the chilled water system will appear condensate. To deal with this is impossible, we can only reduce the effects - put a reverse osmosis filter pan, wrap the system in package (only filter without boost pump - "slept" pump).

The above concerns serviceable systems to promptly replaced cartridges, clean the membrane is not overexposed, sufficient water pressure at the inlet of the filter and (or) a serviceable pump pressure increase.

Promptly change the pre-filters. It should be at least once "overexposing" cartridges, and you are likely to cause irreparable damage to the membrane. The following occurs. Prefilters have exhausted the resources of chlorine and solids, unbound chlorine passes into the membrane and corrodes the most delicate and most important layer - Polyamide. Falling selectivity of the membrane. At the same time, the membrane are pressed mechanical impurities and contaminate (block) a significant portion of the work surface; reduced productivity. Membrane need even more water to pass through itself to gain the tank; further through the mud clogged prefilters it receives. The process is avalanche. In addition, the duct through dirty prefilters pressure drops and the system can not be turned off for a long time (again, passing through too many insufficiently treated water).

It is from time to time to monitor the status of the system.

From time to time the tank cover and look at the line performance - a trickle of drinking water faucet should be fine and stable (a trickle, not a drop, though frequent).

Periodically fully discharge the tank and try it for weight. It does not have to be water.

If you replaced a pre-filter membrane intact and sufficient pressure at the inlet system switches off when filling the tank, not the hours and days to the sewer drain.

Undermining drinking tap - a reason to immediately replace him ("kill" the membrane).

Drawing attention to some features of the operating osmosis, you can extend the life of expensive items and reduce the cost of servicing the filter.

The first article was published on our website Osmosis Kharkiv 04.09.2015

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