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How does domestic reverse osmosis filter

Drinking water treatment using reverse osmosis filter household.

Although reverse osmosis filter and it seems a complex structure, the basis of the work is simple and intuitive process of filtering water. And it is not a modern development "from scratch" - the reverse osmosis system of high pressure used for many years for the desalination of brackish or convert sea water into drinking water. Having a better understanding of how the reverse osmosis system, you can avoid confusion and confusion, looking at the reverse osmosis filter, with its multi-colored tubes, parts, filters. Look in the "Articles" and "information" in order to increase their knowledge of domestic reverse osmosis systems, and become truly skilled user.

The most important points to remember:

(We are talking about the brand, factory assembled systems)
- All reverse osmosis systems work in a similar way.
- Most household filters like reverse osmosis.
- All RO system consist of the same basic components.
- Purity water, primarily will affect the quality of replaceable filters and membranes in RO.

Structurally, the reverse osmosis filter is composed of several blocks (modules).

Pre-treatment unit. Usually it is three (rarely two) connected in series with a flask filter modules (cartridges) inside. Prefilters task - to remove water from mechanical impurities, chlorine and its derivatives before feeding water to the reverse osmosis membrane filter.

The membrane unit. Membrane itself consists of a body and a group of valves and regulators that supply water to the membrane and the removal of the permeate (pure water) and concentrate (dirty water). Came from the pre-filter the water passes through the membrane and is divided into two streams: the storage tank clean, dirty - the drain.

Storage tank. The rate of filtration of water through membrane filter household reverse osmosis is small - from 50 to 150 grams per minute. To the consumer to obtain drinking water from a faucet with a comfortable speed of 1.5 - 2 liters per minute, the system provides pressurized air reservoir. Purified water at a low speed is stored in the tank; when opening the faucet drinking water due to the internal pressure of the accumulated water in the tank under pressure supplied to the consumer good flow.

Block finish preparation of water. The post filter loading coal from coconut shell improves the taste and odor of water. Optionally, reverse osmosis filter can be equipped with a mineralizer and bioactivator water.


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