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Simple homemade experiments with osmosis

  • 21 may 2015
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  • 5 Simple homemade experiments with osmosis

We suggest you spend a few simple tests for visual confirmation of the benefits of the reverse osmosis filter.


Prepare two transparent glass. Pour into one boiled hot water tap, the second - the boiled water from the reverse osmosis system. Lower both cups tea bags. Note the difference in color of tea - tea at the osmotic water is saturated orange -Red color, tap water - darker, closer to the brown. In addition, tap water appears oily film (especially pronounced during cooling). Compare the taste of the drink - osmosis water lets appear so familiar flavors of tea, of which you were unaware, using conventional or purchase water.

Domestic animals

Pour into two identical bowls of water from the tap and from the RO system. Have pets - in most cases, the dog or cat is selected osmotic water (primarily because of the lack of any trace of chlorine, for this reason, by the way, dogs drink water from the bowl - there is water well defended)))


Prepare ice cubes from tap water. Pour into a glass of water from a transparent system of reverse osmosis and throw a few ice cubes from tap water. As the ice melts, you can see the white flakes - freeze hard water salts were separated from the water, and have now become visible.

Repeat the same experience with frozen osmosis water - crystal clarity and purity are provided)

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