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Principles of activity Osmosovsky


         My name is Vyacheslav Dakhno. Since 2006 Osmosovsky team under my direction in the installation, repair and maintenance of reverse osmosis systems. We have been formulated the rules of our work and stick with them for years.

1. Speak only what we know. We discuss only what we understand. We recommend that will work (not what you want to sell).

2. No experiments on consumers with unknown products. Only proven producers, only high-quality components. We do not sell what is not assured.

3. Work on the result. The result of our cooperation will be clean water in your home for a very sane money.

4. Team Osmosovsky value reputation, which was created many years. We will make every effort to earn a positive recommendation and from you.

5. Our customers - modern thinking, practical people who value their time and comfort and spend money wisely.


Reverse osmosis filter in Kharkov. Reverse osmosis system with the installation. Components, membranes, cartridges. Maintenance, repair, service. Osmos Kharkiv. Osmos Ukraine.
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