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Aqualine Reverse Osmosis System, South Korea - Taiwan

Aqualine Reverse Osmosis System, South Korea - Taiwan

Filters Reverse Osmosis Aqualine, Taiwan. Systems are assembled by the classical scheme using standard components.

Clean water from the system Aqualine obtained using reverse osmosis technology to provide you with exactly H2O, as nature intended. Harmful chemicals are removed from the incoming to the filter reverse osmosis water; drinking tap water served to you absolute purity, comparable to pure water mountain glaciers. Start now with a reverse osmosis system Aqualine is a refreshing drinking water, crystal clear ice cubes and best taste of coffee, tea and fruit drinks. You can also be sure of bacterial clean water.

After installing a reverse osmosis filter Aqualine all you need to do to get clean water - drinking just open the tap!

Start your day with no risk with clear water and a healthy diet.

Everyone has the right to clean drinking water!

Buy Aqualine reverse osmosis filter can place an order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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Aqualine RO-5 reverse osmosis system
The five-step reverse osmosis filter with a standard layout. The pre-filter module used flasks with double seal. Classic reverse osmosis system Aqualine RO-5 is equipped with everything necessary for long-term trouble-free operation: Pre-treatment of water is carried out on the block pre-filte..
7 200грн
Based on 3 reviews.
Aqualine RO-6 reverse osmosis system with a mineralizer
Reverse Osmosis Filter with a mineralizer. Execution of a standard, a typical 10 "cartridge. The flasks are sealed filter in two planes. The reverse osmosis filter Aqualine RO-6 water passes 6 stages of preparation. First, on the three pre-filter from the water removed mechanical impuriti..
7 760грн
Based on 3 reviews.

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