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Aqualine reverse osmosis membranes

Aqualine reverse osmosis membranes

Reverse osmosis membrane brand Aqualine, Taiwan

RO membrane acts as a physical barrier to hydraulic flow, enabling to selectively penetrate therethrough solvent molecules (mostly water) and partially or fully on the surface to hold other solutes (mainly, high salt). The membrane material Aqualine, especially the production and morphology of the membrane element are crucial for retaining solutes and permeability of reverse osmosis membrane. Separation occurs on the thin selective membrane layer Aqualine reverse osmosis.

Natural phenomenon is called osmosis, in which water passes through the semipermeable membrane from a solution with a low concentration of salt in the solution with a high salt concentration to the equilibrium of the chemical potential of water. At equilibrium, the pressure drop on both sides of the membrane identical osmotic pressure difference. To change the direction of osmotic water flux, must be applied from the solution with a higher concentration of salts an external pressure greater than the osmotic pressure difference in the two solutions. This additional external pressure separates dissolved salts from water. The technology is called "reverse osmosis".

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Aqualine TW30-1812-75 membrane in the reverse osmosis filter
Membrane element Aqualine TW30-1812-75 standard size in 1812. Compatible with most home reverse osmosis filter. Performance - 285 liters / day. Selectivity - up to 99%. Manufacturer - Vontron for Aqualine. Performance tests have shown a stable performance membranes Aqualine TW30-1812-..
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