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Filter1 reverse osmosis system companies Ecosoft, Ukraine

Filter1 reverse osmosis system companies Ecosoft, Ukraine

Reverse osmosis filter manufactured by Filter1 Ecosoft, Ukraine. Systems are assembled by the classical scheme using standard components.

  In the pre-cleaning unit used two-piece bulb with one O-ring own production company Ecosoft (mechanical seal in a horizontal plane; thread inside the glass). In the basic configuration for incoming water purification from mechanical impurities and chlorine provided a set of cartridges Filter1 CPV 25 x 10 "(Filter1 CPV25105F1) 5 m, Filter1 KUDH 2,5 x 10" (Filter1 CHV2510F1) Filter1 CPV and 25 x 10 "(Filter1 CPV25101F1 ) 1 mm.

  The main element of reverse osmosis systems is the reverse osmosis membrane Filter1 Filmtec TW30-1812-36 company Dow Chemical, USA.

  The water purification unit finishing line used cartridges own production.

  Fitting, fittings, automatic, couplings, valves, tank - production of Organic Filter Co., Ltd, Taiwan.

  Completing high-end, irreproachable assembly control at every stage of production is deservedly recovered reverse osmosis system Filter1 among others in the budget price segment.

Buy a reverse osmosis filter Filter 1 can be, issued the order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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Filter1 6-36M MO636MF1 reverse osmosis system with a mineralizer
Six-step reverse osmosis filter from the company Ecosoft. Robust flask own production, the American Membrane Filmtec, fitting Organic. Reverse Osmosis Filter Filter1 6-36M MO636MF1 work uses the principle of reverse osmosis. Today it is the most advanced water treatment technology. Struct..
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Filter1 6-36MP MO636MPF1 reverse osmosis system with a mineralizer and pump
Reverse Osmosis Filter Filter1 6-36MP MO636MPF1 Ukrainian companies Ecosoft with a mineralizer and fanfare. Any reverse osmosis system demanding on water pressure. Insufficient pressure does not filter operates in the desired mode: water may be forced through the membrane, the supply of wate..
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