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Nasha Voda postfilters and mineralizers

Nasha Voda postfilters and mineralizers

Line Series cartridges Nasha Voda Company Ecosoft, Ukraine.

Postkarbon and mineralizer trademark Nasha Voda have long been known to consumers and have a well-deserved reputation for high-end cartridges.

Buy post-filter reverse osmosis water is ours can be, issued the order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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KPostfiltM Our Water (PD2010NV) mineralizer in the reverse osmosis filter
Mineralizer KPostfiltM Our Water (PD2010NV) assembly with quick fittings. Designed for remineralization of water after cleaning the reverse osmosis membrane. It contains a mixture of calcite and activated coconut charcoal; It gives the purified water tastes fine mineral water. Buy mineralizato..
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KPostСNV Our Water (CHV2010NV) postcarbon in reverse osmosis filter
Linear cartridge KPost NV Our water containing small fraction of activated carbon coconut shell. Corrects the taste and smell of water, eliminates extraneous gaseous impurities. It comes with built-in fittings for tube 1/4 inches. Buy post-filter reverse osmosis KPostSNV Our Water can place an ord..
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Set Nasha Voda Absolute 4-5 (CSVRO50NV) cartridges for reverse osmosis systems
Set of the fourth and fifth stages Nasha Voda Absolute 4-5 (CSVRO50NV) filter reverse osmosis. Designed to replace the membrane and carbon post-filter.   The membrane Filmtec TW30-1812-50 improved performance produced by Dow Chemical, USA. Reverse osmosis membrane - the main element of a rever..
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