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Osmosis Kharkiv

In 2013 it was launched an informational resource for reverse osmosis filters - Osmosis Kharkov. The project successfully developed and developing. Continuation and expansion of the theme osmosis became Osmosovsky - new online store reverse osmosis systems. The reason for launching a new project - a new platform site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices with different screen sizes, card products have become much more informative, product specifications are unified and prepared for comparison, the opportunity to register on the site and many other modern innovations for the user.

  Our specialization has long been a reverse osmosis system - from the household to the semi. Among the clients of the team Osmosovsky - private users, and various production, medical facilities, catering, bars, cafés and restaurants. I had to work in very different circumstances, different objectives were set and, at times, very trivial. The accumulated experience, the desire and ability to work allows us the flexibility to adapt to the customer's requirements, timeline and operation of facilities and as accurately as possible to comply with the wishes of the order.

  Focusing on one direction - reverse osmosis - allowed us to study the smallest nuances of the topic and to successfully apply the knowledge gained in the execution of works on assembly, installation, maintenance, reverse osmosis filters. We are reasonably skeptical about a scientific and proven conventional science technologies and products in the field of water treatment - let it remain on the conscience of dilettantes and charlatans. It is not for us.

  Of particular pride team Osmosovsky Osmosis Kharkiv are our regular customers from the distant 2006. They are light - if the number of people continuing to cooperate with us for many years, so we are working in the right direction.

  His task now and in the future Osmosis Kharkov sees the promotion of reverse osmosis technology - the only mass affordable water purification methods.


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