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Filter1 three-stage filters under the sink

Filter1 three-stage filters under the sink

Ternary systems under the sink with separate faucet series Filter1 Ecosoft company, Ukraine.

Three-stage filters, in contrast to reverse osmosis systems are complexes of water purification. With properly selected filter cartridges can successfully solve the problem of disposal of a number of water contaminants: mechanical impurities (rust, sand, clay), chlorine and hlororganichesskie compound hardness salts dissolved in water iron. The main thing in the operation - not to exceed the period of operation and resource cartridges.

 Drinking Filter1 flow system equipped with secure two-element flasks own production, adapters and connectors, Organic, set the connection to the water supply and drinking water chrome tap type "drop" with ceramic valve. Systems are assembled on modern plastic arm with a hook for a special service key.

  The drinking ternary systems Filter1 used cartridges own production, which provides a high degree of purification and quality of produced water.

Buy treble Filter1 can place an order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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Filter1 FMV3F1 three-tier system under the sink
Drinking system of three stages of water purification on basic parameters: mechanical impurities, chlorine and its derivatives, salts of rigidity.  The filter is designed for purification of cold tap water only. Do not exceed the recommended rate of filtration of water 1 liter / min - this w..
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