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What is a good domestic water filter

First of all, you need to decide which tasks should be decided by a good water filter.

In-line filters are usually placed at the input to the system (house, cottage, apartment) and should delay the mechanical impurities (rust, sand, clay, colloidal iron, scale, etc.). Depending on the operating conditions (water from a well, water pressure in the system, the possibility of water hammer in a waterpipe, the required bandwidth, and others.) Is selected as appropriate. It is also possible to install the main filter cartridges with the productive coal to reduce the chlorine content (in a pleasant swimming water - chlorine does not irritate the skin).

To protect home appliances from scale and salt deposits using water softeners: A good filter with an ion exchange resin (column "rooms"), polyphosphate filters, magnetic transducers scale. For your information, in our region, water hardness varies between 7-12 mg / eq-liter; limescale deposits and appear already at 3 mg / liter, equivalent or higher.

Drinking solutions include several directions.

Filters ku vshiny. Simple, inexpensive and compact solution that requires no connection and in a few minutes ready for use. This filter removes chlorine and its derivatives, softened water, improving its taste and smell. Lacks a few: the relatively high cost of purified water, the need for frequent replacement of cartridges (filter modules), low productivity and inconvenience of operation (to purify a liter and a half of water need to perform a number of actions: to remove (open) cover of the jug, type in the hopper of tap water , wait 5-15 minutes and pour water from a pitcher, holding it aloft, trying not to spill the water). Pitcher - perfect for a summer residence, where there is opportunity and a serious desire to put a water purification system, to explore the water purifier for different aftertreatment moonshine (!) At home.

Drinking system we are under the sink is much easier and more practical jar filters. The system itself is hidden under the sink for washing launched separate drinking faucet. To collect purified water, you should just open the tap; Purified water is supplied at a reasonable rate of 2-3 liters per minute. Moreover, such systems are mostly used one standard cartridges - 10 ", the selection of replaceable modules from different vendors huge.

But it should be understood that even a good filter - it's just a "post-treatment" of water on the basic parameters from mechanical impurities, chlorine and its derivatives, water softening (optional). In addition, you should promptly change the ink cartridges, or they may eventually "give" in the water all that is collected earlier.

System of osmosis reverse osm implement the most advanced technology stki eyes water today and in the foreseeable future. They are made much more difficult than the other water purifiers. This easy to use such a system - filter "hidden" under the sink, next to the kitchen mixer tap is a separate drinking. Reverse osmosis system also requires regular maintenance. However, even if you forgot to change the time the preliminary card Ridge, a good reverse osmosis filter is still a long time will continue to issue impeccably clean water (although the service life of expensive and complex meme brane Lect drastically reduced). You can trust services through civil specialists and do not spend time and energy on the operation of the system. Furthermore, water treated by osmosis household has also the lowest cost - 7-12 cop / l (depending on the use of consumables).

Summing up a brief essay, I want to quote from an authoritative source: the World Organization of Health recommends the use of municipal (tap) water quality refined quality household filters. Moreover, it is common practice for the budget conscious, practical and sensible citizens of civilized countries.


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