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Myths and misconceptions about reverse osmosis

  • 26 July 2015
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  • 5 Myths and misconceptions about reverse osmosis

On the reverse osmosis technology for many years maintained the continuing heated debate. Amateurs, marketers, doctors with superficial knowledge of the subject, the sellers of insufficiently treated water to distribute, to put it mildly, questionable and unscientific information about the world's best water purification methods.

Leading technology revolves around the mass of myths and misconceptions. Try to understand.

Reverse osmosis filter removes the minerals from the water

With reverse osmosis of water not only removes bacteria, viruses, cysts and other organics, but also almost all the salts. And that's good - people still organobionty instead of plants to absorb pure inorganics. All the necessary minerals and trace elements the body gets from food. Degree usvaivaimosti minerals from water is extremely low; the process and the energy consumption associated with a number of complex metabolic processes. At the same time we need the inorganic food already presented in a convenient form for the body.

If the body does not assimilate the excess of different salts, which he stuffed enthusiasts, it should be removed from the body (so as not to disturb the saline Ballance). Not all kinds of urinary tract ready for high loads - and here they are, rocks and sand in the kidneys. On the contrary, prolonged consumption of osmotic water stabilizes and improves the condition of the urinary tract - clean water reduces the load on the body and gives it a "breathing space" to recover.

Osmotic water - the "dead" water

The last few decades, it is fashionable to talk about the structure of water, the memory of water, on the water's ability to carry information. Around these premises revolve a lot of money: Consumers are offered a variety of activators, strukturatory, pebbles and so on., Suspicious person "charged" discharged "reload" and so on. D. WATER suffering. Buyers formed the view that the structure of water can seriously affect confidently and reliably provide the desired result.

People with technical education wondering: how can we make a stable structure of the liquid medium? It is impossible even in the now popular cluster model of water - the lifetime of the cluster of shimmering water ~ 0.0000000000001 seconds. Then molecules pereobedinyayutsya the new cluster randomly.

In 1999, the American Physical Society and one of the foundations in the United States was offered one million dollars for the experimental verification of the effect of "memory" of water. A million dollars is still the fund))

Osmotic water leaches minerals from the body

In this delusion distributors obvious difficulty with elementary arithmetic and logic of the banal.

I will say one thing - the mineralization of urine is always higher than the salinity of the water you drink (no matter osmosis is water or not)

The water after the reverse osmosis filter insipid (options - a taste)

It is operated by the habit of the consumer to the fact that drinking water is always something there: the remains of chlorine, iron (hello, cirrhosis of the liver!), Hardness minerals (sand and kidney stones), a little of the dissolved plastic and its components from the container of the purchase of water.

Osmotic water from your home system is devoid of all these "charms"; real taste - the taste of pure snow or rain water.

Long-term consumption of osmotic water leads to tooth decay

There are no confirmed fact due dental health and consumption of osmotic water. In addition, official medicine does not confirm an unequivocal link between the presence of fluoride in the water and the health of the teeth.

As we can see, all the myths about reverse osmosis turn out to be exactly what they are - myths. And the world's best water treatment technology is the only way to reliably clean water.

You can through life without thinking "pull" someone's delusion. You can look at things from the perspective of traditional authoritative science and not to repeat someone else's stupidity, do not quote the myths and misconceptions about reverse osmosis.


The first article was published on our website Osmosis Kharkiv 07.26.2015

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