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Nasha Voda cartridges reverse osmosis

Nasha Voda cartridges reverse osmosis

Replacement filter modules (cartridges) Nasha Voda, standard size 10 "companies Ecosoft, Ukraine

A series of filters reverse osmosis drinking water systems and cartridges Nasha Voda Ecosoft company belongs to the premium class. Therefore, in the category of interchangeable cartridges Nasha Voda presented only the best products of the world's leading manufacturers: Ecosoft, Hydro-Cure, Matrikx and others.

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Nasha Voda Absolute 1-2-3 (CHV3NV) set Cartridge filter reverse osmosis
Appointment set of cartridges Nasha Voda Absolute 1-2-3 (CHV3NV): pre-treatment of water for the protection and efficient operation of the membrane element and a reverse osmosis system Ecosoft in general. Prefilter 1 - porous polypropylene cartridge. Removes mechanical impurities larger than 5 micr..
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Set Nasha Voda Absolute 4-5 (CSVRO50NV) cartridges for reverse osmosis systems
Set of the fourth and fifth stages Nasha Voda Absolute 4-5 (CSVRO50NV) filter reverse osmosis. Designed to replace the membrane and carbon post-filter.   The membrane Filmtec TW30-1812-50 improved performance produced by Dow Chemical, USA. Reverse osmosis membrane - the main element of a rever..
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