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Filter1 5-36 MO536F1 (KRO536F1) reverse osmosis filter companies Ecosoft, Ukraine

Brand: Filter1
Product Code: RO 5-36
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 The leader of sales in recent years. The company released Ecosoft real bestseller - at a very modest price reverse osmosis filter system has the characteristics of a premium.

  Filter1 5-36 MO536F1 consists of several parts.

 Pre-treatment unit consists of three stages of cleaning; prefilter main task - to remove from the water, mechanical impurities and chlorine and its derivatives. Used two cartridge from foamed polypropylene 5 micron filtration rating of 1 micron cartridge with granular activated carbon from coconut shells. (These cartridges are included in the kit Filter1 Osmosis).

  The main unit of water treatment is implemented on the basis of membrane Fimtec TW30-1812-36 known company Dow Chemical, USA.

 Storage tank claimed a total of 3 gallons (11.4 liters). A useful amount may reach 7-8 liters (depending on the input pressure and the state of reverse osmosis element).

 Finish cleaning water from gaseous impurities, improving the taste and odor of water by means of coal produced by postkarbona Ecosoft (full cycle - from design to manufacturing to Ukrainian production facilities).

 Drinking tap has a classic design and visual harmony with the majority of kitchen faucets.

 Reverse osmosis filter elements are collected on an improved plastic bracket reinforced with additional ribs; space for service key; special window in the mounting plate allow to verify the direction of flow inside the bulb and secure the avtopereklyuchatel water.

 Fitting and equipment of Organic Filter Co., Ltd, Taiwan provide a long-term connection reliability and trouble-free operation of controls.

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Technical information
Stages of cleaning 5
Performance 137 l / day
Mineralizer -
Bioactivator -
Drinking faucet single, "drop"
Storage tank plastic, 11 l
Boost pump -
Execution standard
Placement under the sink
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Standard size membrane 1812
Country Ukraine
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Scheme of connection Filter1 RO 5-36


схема подключения фильтра обратного осмоса

Download the passport system with a full description and instructions on the Ukrainian and Russian can be the link below:

Инструкция фильтра обратного осмоса Ecosoft, Filter1, Наша Вода (9.25MB)

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