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Filter1 CPV3F1 Osmosis Kit Cartridge filter reverse osmosis Ecosoft Ukraine

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Set cartridges Filter1 CPV3F1 three filter modules for tap water. Recommended for use in drinking water systems with a standard module size of 10 inches.
The first stage - the mechanical cartridge. The porous polypropylene fiber removes mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns, holds the sand, rust.
The second stage - the cartridge with granular carbon. Activated carbon from coconut shell processed with silver, removes chlorine, organochlorine compounds, protects the filter microorganisms. Reduces oxidation of water, it removes heavy metals, radionuclides.
The third stage - the mechanical cartridge. Porous polypropylene fiber remove mechanical impurities larger than 1 micron, coal dust being blocked before the water on the membrane.
Resource Kit cartridges Filter1 CPV3F1 
The average duration of one set of cartridges - 3-6 months.
Buy a set of reverse osmosis cartridges Filter1 CPV3F1 Osmosis can place an order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.


Technical information
Execution a set of three cartridges
Material production polypropylene foam, granular activated carbon
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Resource 8000l
Replacement interval 6 months
Filtration rating 1 micron
Operating temperature +4... +45°С
Filtration rate 1 L / min
Country Ukraine
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