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The service life of a reverse osmosis membrane

  • 19 January 2016
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  • 5 The service life of a reverse osmosis membrane

For users of household filters reverse osmosis is a topical question: How often should I change the most important element of a reverse osmosis system - membrane. System builders and manufacturers of membranes indicate a variety of period - from 1 to 8 years. What is the frequency of replacement of the membrane element is correct?

  On the duration of the successful operation of the osmotic membrane is affected by several factors. Let us examine them in detail.

  The presence of chlorine in the incoming water. All modern membrane manufactured using polyamide film. Prolonged exposure to free chlorine can destroy the filter membrane covering element; Such membranes can pass insufficiently treated water. The solution is to use high-quality charcoal filters in a preliminary step purification.
  Dirty water is included. Prefilters have to remove mechanical impurities before supplying water to the membrane, but a large amount of rust, silt, clay or dirt can get into the membrane and block the working surface of the membrane envelope.
  The rigidity of the incoming water. One of the most sought-after properties of reverse osmosis membranes - reduced to 0 rigidity of purified water. But with time on the surface of the membrane sheet, running on hard water, form insoluble layer of carbonate deposits, the working surface of the membrane is covered with salt and water stops flowing.
  Water pressure. When using a reverse osmosis system has insufficient pressure to pass through a lot more water than in the normal mode; at a pressure of the same thing happens. This naturally leads to accelerated wear and reduced life of the membrane. The best we believe the water pressure 4 - 5 atmospheres.
  Serviceability automation elements of reverse osmosis filter. If faulty valve four-over-much water passes through the system, at times reducing the life of the membrane; when clogged flow restrictor poorly washed membrane and accumulates salt.

  We have listed only the main factors affecting the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. Experience shows that well-groomed reverse osmosis system water Kharkov aqueduct membrane element "lives" 2 - 4 years or 8 - 12 tons of water.

  The signal to replace the membrane serves as a sharp decline in performance in the fresh cartridge, the appropriate pressure and a working automation, or an increase in the residual mineralization above the membrane after 70 -80ppm.

  We add that the state of the membrane is controlled by our specialists at each regular replacement of filters; in the list of activities required to service includes direct washing of the membrane element a large flow of water.

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