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Booster pumps to pump sets

Booster pumps to pump sets

Engines and booster pump to pump-action type sets.

The pumps are manufactured in standard sizes and landing fasteners are compatible with all typical pump-action sets of filters and reverse osmosis.

Booster pump designed to provide a reverse osmosis filter stable water flow required speed and for the necessary pressure.

Connection diameters for connection - internal thread 3/8 inch (standard for pumps osmosis).

Power pump - 24 volts to 36 volts DC from 1 to 2 amperes (depending on model).

All the pumps are self-priming - can "tighten" the water from the open source without inlet pressure; This allows the use of booster pumps for purposes other than the primary purpose - for circulation circuits, cooling systems, and others.

When using pumps for liquids, other than water, and at a liquid temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, carefully read the instructions on the compatibility of the parts and characteristics of the pump with non-standard operating conditions.

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New water RS-BSP100 motor for the pump in the reverse osmosis system
The objective of the booster pump Reverse Osmosis Water New RS-BSP100 (as part of a pump set) is to increase the water pressure to the reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis (with respect to the filter RO) - the process of forcing water through a semipermeable membrane. Theoretically, home reverse..
1 680грн
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Organic Booster Pump WE-P 6005 (WE-P6005) motor pump reverse osmosis
The company's products Organic Filter Co., Ltd. is currently the most popular manufacturers of reverse osmosis systems. Quality, reliability, durability and excellent performance fittings, valves, faucets, flasks, cases, adapters daily ensure uninterrupted operation of reverse osmosis filters mi..
1 890грн
Based on 3 reviews.
Raifil (CCK) ro-900-220-ez motor for the pump in the reverse osmosis system
Brand Raifil (CCK) has long been a synonym for quality. Raising pumps Taiwanese Kouw Pinnq Enterprise Co., Ltd. It made for long-term trouble-free operation under extreme conditions. Booster pump Raifil (CCK) ro-900-220-ez successfully operating in the commercial segment (small production, laborator..
2 520грн
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TYP-2500N motor for the pump in the reverse osmosis system
Popular diaphragm booster pump TYP-2500N. Raises and maintains a constant water pressure in the reverse osmosis filter about 6 atmospheres. Integrated bypass recirculation water with an excess pressure of about 9 atm. SPECIFICATIONS Model: TYP 2500 Series Power supply Engine: 24VDC Worki..
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