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FCS reverse osmosis membrane

FCS reverse osmosis membrane

Reverse osmosis membrane of FCS, China - Taiwan - United States

Thin film membranes are classified FCS semipermeable reverse osmosis membrane with an average selectivity to 98%.
Each membrane provides the reliability, usability and performance for achieving high performance in water purification.
All membranes FCS made on a fully automated production tested at each stage of manufacture. Supplied dry, thus increasing the shelf life before use.
Membranes FCS can effectively operate at a sufficiently low pressure - from 3.6 bar.
Through the application of size 2012 membrane elements FCS show up to 20% greater performance than peers.
Compatible with standard (1812) membrane housing.

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FCS RT 2012-50 membrane in reverse osmosis filter
Name: FCS RT-2012-50 Operating pressure, PSI (kPa) 65 (448) Performance, GPD (l / h): 50 (7.9) The degree of purification (%): 96 ± 2% Note: 1. The permeate flow rating and purification is based on the following test conditions:    - 250 ppm in the incoming demineralized wat..
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