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Filter1 postfilters and mineralizers

Filter1 postfilters and mineralizers

Line Series cartridges Filter1 company Ecosoft, Ukraine.

Ecosoft is a manufacturer of cleaning cartridges finish - post filters and mineralizing Filter1 Postcarbon and Filter1 Mineral.

Line cartridges are supplied with press-fit type fittings john guest.

Buy post-filter reverse osmosis Filter1 you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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KPostMF1 (PD2010F1) Filter1 mineralizer to the reverse osmosis system
Mineralizer Filter1 KPostMF1 mineral assembly with quick fittings. Designed for remineralization of water after cleaning the reverse osmosis membrane. It contains a mixture of calcite and activated coconut charcoal; It gives the purified water tastes fine mineral water. Buy mineralizer os..
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KPostСF1 (CHV2010F1) Filter1 postfilter to the reverse osmosis system
Linear cartridge containing a small fraction of activated carbon from coconut shells. Corrects the taste and smell of water, eliminates extraneous gaseous impurities. It comes with built-in fittings for tube 1/4 inches. Buy postkarbon reverse osmosis Filter1 KPostСF1 (CHV2010F1) you ..
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-33% Set 4-5 Filter1 cartridges for reverse osmosis systems
A set of the fourth and fifth stage reverse osmosis filter. Designed to replace the membrane and carbon post-filter.   Membrane Filmtec TW30-1812-36 manufactured by Dow Chemical, USA. Reverse osmosis membrane - the main element of a reverse osmosis filter. From the properties of the membrane e..
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