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Installation of a reverse osmosis system specialist

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A qualified person to properly install you purchased a reverse osmosis filter, run it correctly with the necessary procedures. Details will advise the user of the service intervals and "subtle" moments of operation of the system of reverse osmosis. We also provide technical support and information contact members mounted filters.

  Also, you can (and should!) To select a filter reverse osmosis on our website and get the delivery and installation of a reverse osmosis system as a gift.

Order installation of reverse osmosis filter can place an order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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Standard scheme and sequence of installation of the reverse osmosis filter

1. Remove the reverse osmosis system from the packaging and check the equipment. do not open the package with accessories. Be careful, the manufacturer will not accept claims for shortages, if the package is opened.

2. Close the valve of cold water at the entrance to the apartment / house and open the faucet in place of the filter (to wash) for 1 minute to relieve pressure in the system, then close the valve.

3. Thread the input coupling to the cold water pipe. Screw off the water supply to the inlet coupling. To avoid possible leakage of water should be used to seal the Teflon tape.

4. Remove the cap nut from the union of the tap water and put it in the red tube. Firmly pull the red tube on the water tap fitting and tighten the union nut. The other end of the red tube with quick connect fitting the first (far right) of the flask filtration module.

5. Connect the drain hose clip to the drain of your sink trap. This drain clamp fits most standard sewer pipes. Drill drainage pipe on your sink hole diameter of 5.0 mm, which is put on the seal with adhesive base (included). Install the drain hose clip so that the hole in the drain pipe fits in the hole (fitting) in the drainage. Use a wrench to tighten the nut of the drain hose clamp. Take a tube of black color, insert it into the drain fitting collar. The other end of the black tube with quick connect fitting shell membrane.

Important! Check flow regulator to be installed in a black tube to the connection to the housing of the membrane.

6. On the threaded part of the tank tightly wrap Teflon tape and screw the ball valve of the tank. Turn the valve to the "closed".

Important! Check of air pressure in the "dry" tank. The air pressure should be 0.4-0.6 bar. If you want to increase the pressure pump with pressure gauge. If necessary, reduce the pressure - reset it by pressing the nipple of the tank.

7. To set the tap purified water, drill a hole with a diameter of 12.5 mm in a convenient place for you to sink or countertop.

Attention! Metal shavings can damage your sink, you must carefully remove it as soon as you drill a hole. If the surface to install faucet ceramic or stone, you may need a special carbide drill.

Assemble the valve on a countertop or sink. with the nut, lock washer and a large plastic ring should be pressed to the valve top. Take the blue tube, put the cap on it consistently compression nut and compression sleeve, and then insert a cylindrical insert into the tube. Screw the cap nut compression fitting installed on the crane, sending the phone in the middle of the nozzle, pressing compression sleeve. After installing the valve must be securely fastened to the countertop, and blue tube tightly fitted on the pipe tap.
Connecting double tap (for systems with a mineralizer) is carried out on the same principle as the single connection.

8. Select the wall where you want to place the filter and screw it 2 screws for attaching a filter (not supplied) so that the bottom of the flask were at a minimum distance of 100 mm from the floor. The distance between the holes for the bracket is 272 mm.

9. Set the ink cartridges in the first and second bulb in the course of the movement of water (right).

10. Screw the three flasks, without applying excessive force.

11. Disconnect the pipe connecting the third during the movement of the water flask avtoregulyator.

12. Open the water tap and pass through the first two flasks with cartridges 5-7 liters of water to wash the coal dust, which can be formed in the cartridge during transport.
Attention! This water will pour through avtoregulyator detached from the phone, so you need a container to collect water.

13. Insert the cartridge in the third while moving water flask, screw the flask and again miss at least 4 liters of water to wash the coal dust. Turn off the water supply and connect the previously separated tube with automatic regulator.

14. Install in the reverse osmosis membrane intended for her body.
Attention! Installation of a reverse osmosis membrane through the end section of the package. Do not remove the membrane from the packaging and avoid hand contact with the membrane surface.

15. Leave the water tap and faucet for purified water open for 30 minutes. Turn the ball valve on the tank in the "open" position. Close the tap for purified water and carefully check all connections for leaks.
Attention! The first week after installation of a reverse osmosis system every day, check the system for leaks, do it from time to time in the future. In case your long absence - on business or holidays - shut off the flow of water to the system.

16. Once the tank is full (you will hear that the water flow stops), drain the water from the tank into the sewer system by opening a valve of treated water. Once water pressure is exhausted, close the valve of treated water to the tank began to fill again. Depending on the pressure in your water system, filling can take from 1.5 to 3 hours. after the tank is filled for the second time, you can drink the treated water.

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