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Aquafilter postfilters and mineralizers

Aquafilter postfilters and mineralizers

Line cartridges companies Aquafilter, Poland.

Aquafilter is different cartridges finish cleaning up: coal postfilters, mineralizers, strukturatory water. Linear Aquafilter cartridges are made in various versions - with built-in quick-release connections for tube and internal thread 1/4 inch.

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Aquafilter AICRO postfilter to the reverse osmosis system
Linear cartridge Aquafilter AICRO standard 2 "x 10" with granular charcoal from coconut shells. Certified standard NSF. AICRO postfilter Aquafilter used as a final purification filter in reverse osmosis systems to improve the taste and odor of the filtered water. It can also be installed i..
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Aquafilter AIFIR 1000 bioceramic cartridge
Aquafilter AIFIR 1000 - Transparent linear cartridge "Negativ Ion", the emission of negative ions 1000 ni / cm3. Ionized water is easily absorbed by the human body, a positive effect on many physiological processes. "Negative Ions" participate in the process of cleaning the body..
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Aquafilter AIMRO mineralizer to the reverse osmosis system
Linear cartridge Aquafilter AIMRO for mineralization of purified water. Mainly used in the finishing unit of water purification filters, reverse osmosis. It enriches the water with minerals necessary for the human body, such as calcium and magnesium. It is supplied with an internal thread 1/4 &quo..
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