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Nova Voda postfilters and mineralizers

Nova Voda postfilters and mineralizers

Line cartridges are Nova Voda, Ukraine - Taiwan.

Nova Voda Company provides a wide range of linear filter modules for reverse osmosis systems - post filters with high-quality coal from coconut shell granules, mineralizers essential minerals, bioactivators different types.

Buy Nova Voda post-filter reverse osmosis  you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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New Water CL-10GAC post-filter in the reverse osmosis system
New Water postfilter CL-10GAC comprises granular coconut activated carbon. New Water Line cartridge CL-10GAC used in most reverse osmosis systems as the fifth stage of water purification. Postkarbon a final filter for the correction of taste and odor of water. Buy post-filter reverse osmosis New ..
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New Water CL10 B bioceramic activator in a reverse osmosis system
New Water Line Cartridge CL10-B - is a plug-in module with bioceramics activating clusters of water and turns it into a "living water" that brings even more benefits to the human body. It used in reverse osmosis filter as a seventh stage. Buy bioactivator RO New Water CL10-B can be, iss..
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New Water CL10-T Tourmaline bioceramic structurizer in reverse osmosis system
Strukturator water New Water CL10-T is used for ordering of water molecules in the volume defined by the transfer of the energy by infrared radiation. This is one of the necessary stages of water treatment, as tap water, moving through the rusty pipes, absorbing all the emissions of civilization, is..
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New Water NW-M104 "4 mineral" mineralizer (activator)
New water-M104 NW "4 mineral" is a linear cartridge containing 4 different loading one body. Purified water, passing in turn through each layer of elements, gets curative properties and becomes biologically active. Minerals contain more than twenty elements useful to the human body: calciu..
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New Water S CL10 mineralizer in the reverse osmosis
Mineralizer new CL-10S water enriches the water with minerals and trace elements necessary for the body, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. The resulting mineralization is comparable to the concentration of trace elements in the popular table mineral waters. It used in reverse osmosis fi..
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