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Ecosoft RObust 3000 high-performance reverse osmosis filter companies Ecosoft, Ukraine

Brand: Ecosoft
Product Code: RObust 3000
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Appointment of a reverse osmosis system Ecosoft ROBUST 3000: Water purification in a cafe, restaurant, apartment, cottage, pharmacy, laboratories, small production.
Performance Ecosoft ROBUST 3000: 2.5 liters / min.
- Recommended - 1500 liters / day
- Maximum - 3600 liters / day
The diameter of the connection to the mains water pipe: 1/2 "
The advantages of a reverse osmosis system Ecosoft RObust:
- High performance with osmotic membranes known companies DOW FILMTEC ™.
- The original compact metal body.
- Built-in cartridge replacement indicators and operation of the system.
- Easy-designed panel connections.
- Pump protection by inclusion in the absence of water.

 Reverse osmosis system Ecosoft ROBUST 3000 represents the original design development, having not only compact, but also significantly better performance compared to standard domestic osmosis systems. The principle of reverse osmosis Ecosoft ROBUST 3000 - the traditional reverse osmosis filters is to separate raw water by a semipermeable membrane into two streams: the purified water - permeate and water with a high content of impurities - a concentrate that is discharged into the sewer. However, RObust system 3000 includes two serially connected osmotic membrane DOW FILMTEC ™ TW30-3012-500. This allows you to not only get high-quality water, but also greatly increase the performance of the system and thus ensure the supply of treated water to the consumer directly, without the need to use a forced tank. To improve the taste and odor of water and Ph correction at the stage finish cleaning a filter of the standard Big Blue 10 with high-quality color, it charcoal from coconut shell. Ecosoft ROBUST 3000 includes thought-panel connections with icons, making installation easier and more convenient to use, and specific indicators allow you to monitor system performance and to change the cartridge on time. In addition, the progressive installation of automatic electric pump provides protection against dry running.

- Cartridge-type VV10 KUDH

- The membrane DOW FILMTEC ™ TW30-3012-500

Specifications Ecosoft ROBUST 3000:

- Operating pressure in the module: 5.0-7.0 bar
- Maximum temperature of water to be treated: 30 ° C
- Manufacturer: Ecosoft
- Connection size: 1/2 "
- Power consumption: 250 W
- Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
- Operating pressure: 2-5 bar
- Capacity: 2.5 liters / min (3600 L / day, at 25 ° C and a salt content of 1 g / l)

The maximum permissible parameters of the source water:

- Hardness: 10 mEq / l
- Mineralization: <1500 mg / l
- Oxidation: 5.0 mg O2 / l
- Free chlorine: <0.5 mg / l
- Iron content: <0.3 mg / l
- Manganese content: <0.1 mg / l

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Technical information
Stages of cleaning 3
Performance 1500 - 3600 l / day
Mineralizer -
Bioactivator -
Drinking faucet single
Storage tank -
Boost pump +
Execution unique, using standard elements
Placement in any desired position
Standard size cartridges Big Blue 10"
Standard size membrane 500gpd
Country Ukraine
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