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Ecosoft PURE AQUACALCIUM (MO650MACPURE) reverse osmosis filter companies Ecosoft, Ukraine

Brand: Ecosoft
Product Code: Ecosoft P`URE AQUACALCIUM
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  Purpose: to obtain drinking water with a stable mineralization of 55-65 mg / l.

  Distinctive features:

Innovative model of a reverse osmosis system in a unique design allows you to get crystal clear mineralized water with fresh natural mild flavor that can enhance even the most delicate taste.

Special cartridge AquaCalcium - a composition of natural minerals, which helps the human body replenish essential minerals - calcium and promotes its absorption.

Sophisticated system technology that mimics the natural rate of passage of the water through the rocks, provides a constant mineral content in the treated water at the level of 55-65 mg / l.

Always clean dishes - water enriched with calcium thanks to ECOSOFT P'URE AquaCalcium (MO650MACPURE), does not form a scum when boiled.

Simple, convenient and safe - the principle of the system is based on the most advanced in the world of water treatment technologies - reverse osmosis technology, so get drinking water, 99.8% cleared of all existing impurities, including bacteria and viruses.


Reverse osmosis system ECOSOFT P'URE AquaCalcium (MO650MACPURE) is a compact filter for drinking water, which provides water purification from all harmful contaminants, including viruses and bacteria.

Improved mineralization is achieved by setting a special cartridge AquaCalcium and new hydrodynamic conditions of the system.

AquaCalcium - cartridge with a new mineral composition, which enriches the water with calcium minerals. The new system ECOSOFT PURE AquaCalcium (MO650MACPURE) allows to increase the contact time of the mineral composition of the new cartridge with purified water by introducing two stages of mineralization and turbulence flows inside the cartridge.

New hydrodynamic conditions the system works provide a constant backwash, friction particles of mineral composition between themselves and update their surface. This promotes a continuous and uniform saturation of the minerals of purified water.

Reverse osmosis system ECOSOFT PURE AquaCalcium (MO650MACPURE) provides a continuous high level of mineralized water at 55-65 mg / L, in contrast to conventional reverse osmosis systems mineralizer in which the ratio ranges from 10-30 mg / l.

The mineralized water after the first stage is stored in the storage tank.

The user is only served water with a constant level of mineralization.

This added minerals do not form a scum when boiled.

Buy filter reverse osmosis ECOSOFT PURE AquaCalcium (MO650MACPURE), you can place your order online or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Stages of cleaning 6
Performance 190 l / day
Mineralizer +
Bioactivator -
Drinking faucet single, "high-tech" (modern)
Storage tank metal, 9l
Boost pump -
Execution unique, using standard elements
Placement under the sink
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Standard size membrane 1812
Country Ukraine
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