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Crystal CFRO-550P reverse osmosis filter with pump, Ukraine

Brand: Crystal
Product Code: CFRO-550P
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Reliable, high quality assembled reverse osmosis filter. Flasks prefilter with double seal; higher membrane selectivity.

  Water filtration by reverse osmosis is the best technology of water purification. Getting active use of membrane technology for water purification rightly associated with the space industry in the distant 60s. Since then, the technology has greatly improved and has become much more accessible. Examples of available technological solutions of the highest level in your home can be a reverse osmosis filter CRYSTAL CFRO-550P.

  Reverse osmosis system CRYSTAL CFRO-550P is equipped with a fully automatic pump kit and filter enables you to work at a reduced pressure in the water, and when connected to the water from the wells.


Connection to the water supply, inch: 1/2

Working temperature, ° C: +5 ... + 35

Working pressure bar: 2 - 6

Productivity, l / day: 190

Number of bodies prefilters, 3 pcs .:

Number of cleaning stages, pcs .: 5

The number of sealing rings in the flask prefilter, two pieces .:

Dimensions of filter mm 570h350h550

Dimensions of the tank, mm: 280h280h350

Yields prefilters, l: 6000


The recommended replacement interval: cartridge - 1 time in 6 months, membranes - 1 once a year.

The reverse osmosis filter CRYSTAL CFRO-550P water goes through several stages of cleaning:

The first stage filtration

CRYSTAL CR-10 - 5 micron cartridge from polypropylene fibers with a rating of 5 microns filtration. Delays suspended in water contamination: sand, rust, silt, clay and so on.

The second stage filter

CRYSTAL GAC-10 - the cartridge with high quality granular activated carbon from coconut shells. In this step, water is removed from the chlorine and its derivatives.

The third stage filtration

CRYSTAL CTO-10 karbonblok of extruded activated carbon. Unlike cartridge granulated carbon has a filter surface and the ability to retard mechanical impurities larger than 10 microns. Doochischaet water from chlorine residues and impurities before the membrane.

The fourth stage filtration

FCS RT-2012-50 membrane element - the main part of the reverse osmosis filter CRYSTAL CFRO-550P. Removed from the water to 96-99% impurities including bacteria and viruses, hardness salts, heavy metals and others. Reverse osmosis membrane FCS RT-2012-50 - modern spiral polyamide membrane element with high selectivity, excellent resistance to stress and long life.

The fifth stage filtration

CRYSTAL CR-AICRO - postkarbon with charcoal from coconut shells. It eliminates extraneous taste and odor, leaving the oxygen dissolved in water.

Components Reverse Osmosis Filter CRYSTAL CFRO-550P allows the user to seamlessly place the system under the sink, even small, to connect to the standard output of cold water, drinking tap punch in a convenient location on a sink or countertop.

Package CRYSTAL CFRO-550P includes:

Reverse Osmosis Filter CRYSTAL CFRO-550P assembly with a pump to increase pressure

Cartridges prefilter CRYSTAL CR-10, CRYSTAL CTO-10, CRYSTAL GAC-10

Carbon post-filter CRYSTAL CR-AICRO

Reverse osmosis membrane FCS RT-2012-50

Storage tank AQUAPRO 3.2

4 colored connecting hose 2m (greater than that of counterparts from other manufacturers)

Drinking faucet with ceramic valve

Service key for flasks prefilter

Crane storage tank

Drain clamp

Input brass tap

Chrome-plated brass tee

instruction manual

2-year guarantee on the absence of any manufacturing defect. Warranty does not cover consumables (toner cartridges and membrane) and the system is operated in conditions other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

Buy a reverse osmosis filter CRYSTAL CFRO-550P, you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Stages of cleaning 5
Performance 190 l / day
Mineralizer -
Bioactivator -
Drinking faucet single, "drop"
Storage tank metal, 12 l
Boost pump +
Execution standard
Placement under the sink
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Standard size membrane 1812, 2012
Country Ukraine
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