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Why do you need pump osmosis

  • 19 January 2016
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  • 5 Why do you need pump osmosis
Reverse osmosis systems are very demanding on the water pressure. For full reverse osmosis filter should be stable 4 - 5 atmospheres. The lowest possible - 2.8 atmosphere. When lack of inlet pressure through the reverse osmosis filter passes excessively much water will produce the resource pre-filter cartridges, in times shortens the life of the osmotic membrane, cleaning quality is getting worse, the supply of water in the storage tank is minimal.
  Knowing the number of storeys of the house and the floor area of ​​the city of Kharkiv, we can very likely determine the need to install the up-pump. In some cases, a travel specialist to address the purpose of measuring the water pressure.
 In some cases, the installation of the pump in the reverse osmosis system is required?
 Independent water supply. In homes with wells automatic pump keeps the pressure in the system from 1.8 to 2.8 atmosphere (other automation installation settings). When the pressure becomes small for a reverse osmosis system, it simply pulls himself through the sewers for the rest of the supply of water from a water accumulator stations, pump station is not turned on and does not raise the pressure in the water at home. Thus itself osmosis failing to gain any significant amount of water. Without osmosis pump filter to quickly score the drain hole.
 Unstable water pressure in the apartment. Often, the water pressure measurements show acceptable results, but should open somewhere valve and pressure osmosis falls at times. This indicates clogged pipes to wiring, risers or in the pipeline.
 Very hard part water. Mineralization of water directly affects the operation of the system - with an increase in stiffness increases osmotic resistance that must be overcome if the water bursting through the membrane element.
  Ice water is included. With the fall of the water temperature for each degree the performance of the membrane is reduced to two - three percent. Setting the pump pressure increase will help to maintain the necessary level of performance.
  Considering the problem in perspective, note: the deteriorating condition of water supply networks, and we are seeing a decrease pressure in certain areas of Kharkov (to worn on the line vomited even more). Thus, the installation of up-pump is becoming increasingly necessary no alternative solution.
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