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How often to change cartridges

  • 21 may 2015
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The main error in the operation of the reverse osmosis filter is untimely replacement cartridges preliminary. Thus, in most instructions specified replacement intervals of 3 - 6 months. Actual operating conditions is different. In terms of replacement affect the quality of the source water (state main water pipes and, as a consequence, the level of contamination of incoming water chlorination, water from wells - contamination entering the water with silt, sand, clay, dissolved iron, hydrogen sulfide, water hardness), part of the pressure and water temperature. Therefore, we recommend that you yourself determine the frequency of replacement cartridges - except you (or your water treatment specialist), no one knows the real operating conditions of your filter is reverse osmosis. We consider it necessary after the launch of the new system just about every month - to examine two preliminary cartridges (primarily expanded polypropylene) for contamination. So you can properly decide how often to change cartridges.

For pre-stage reverse osmosis are two basic sets of cartridges - with enhanced protection from mechanical impurities (two cartridges of expanded polypropylene and coal briquette or granular carbon) and enhanced protection Chlorine (expanded polypropylene and two carbon filters). Water from the municipal water supply system, we believe the preferred first set - the state of water supply systems and terrifying it worsens. Practice shows that the reverse osmosis membrane is often clogged with mechanical impurities, and "lies" rather than irreversibly suffering from the effects of residual chlorine. Furthermore, such a kit cheaper.

Thus, the specific operating conditions determine how often to change cartridges in a reverse osmosis filter.

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