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Rum-Tech CO., LTD. It is funded exclusively Taiwan enterprise in China, which professionally produce a series of FCS RO / UF membrane elements. The company's products are widely represented on the international market in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Manufacturing companies Rum-Tech CO., LTD. certified according to IS09001: 2000 in 2004.

    Rum-Tech CO., LTD. It specializes in manufacturing a wide range FCS RO / UF membrane elements are made from high-quality polyamide membrane manufactured in the USA. With the support of advanced equipment and technology, scientific management and strict controls ensure quality assurance of each of the membrane elements. The company produces a full range of products that can meet most of the requirements of manufacturers of solutions for membrane vodoochistki.Osmoticheskie FCS are widely used in various industries and fields, such as water purification, water treatment and beverage production, pharmacy, medical, electronics, water replenishment systems heating, chemical industry, food industry, catering, etc.

 Company Rum-Tech CO., LTD. It has the resources to develop the technology, design, production, and innovation for the research and development of new products.

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FCS RT 2012-50 membrane in reverse osmosis filter
Name: FCS RT-2012-50 Operating pressure, PSI (kPa) 65 (448) Performance, GPD (l / h): 50 (7.9) The degree of purification (%): 96 ± 2% Note: 1. The permeate flow rating and purification is based on the following test conditions:    - 250 ppm in the incoming demineralized wat..
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