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Ecosoft 6-75M (MO675MECO) reverse osmosis filter with a mineralizer company Ecosoft, Ukraine

Brand: Ecosoft
Product Code: 6-75M
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Reverse Osmosis Filter Ecosoft 6-75M (MO675MECO) is a six-step filtration complex that removes all impurities from the water, including the hardness salts, viruses and bacteria, and remineralization of desalinated water.
The first three stages of water treatment provide a pre-treatment. The reverse osmosis filter Ecosoft 6-75M (MO675MECO) use high quality modules of Clack Corporation, USA.
Then, water is supplied to the fourth stage - membrane element Filmtec BW60-1812-75 manufactured by DOW Chemical (USA). RO membrane purifies water at the molecular level, passing only the water molecules and the dissolved oxygen.
The water membrane unit, is divided into two streams - a concentrate that is discharged into the drain, and the permeate is collected in a storage tank.
From the storage tank is completely purified water enters the fifth stage of the process - the coal postkarbon to correct the taste and odor of water. Before entering the double consumer drinking tap water passes through the mineralizer, which saturates the water the calcium and magnesium salts. Double-Crane allows you to receive both a purified water (tea, coffee, drinks, cooking and ice) and mineralized drinking directly from the tap.
Features Ecosoft 6-75M:
- The weight of 6 kg
- Storage tank dimensions: 410 mm x 270 mm
- Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ° C
- The volume of the storage tank (useful): up to 7 l
- Maximum temperature of the incoming water: 30 ° C
- Manufacturer: Ecosoft
- The diameter of the water connection: 1/2 "
- Working pressure: 3-6 bar
- Performance: up to 285 l / day
Maximum allowable inlet water parameters:
- Stiffness of <= 10 mEq / L
- The total mineralization: <1500 mg / l
- PH: 6.5-8.5
- Free chlorine: <0.5 mg / l
- Dissolved iron: <0.3 mg / l
- Manganese content <0.1 mg / l
Buy a reverse osmosis filter Ecosoft 6-75M (MO675MECO) you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.
Technical information
Stages of cleaning 6
Performance 285 l / day
Mineralizer +
Bioactivator -
Drinking faucet double, "high-tech" (modern)
Storage tank metal, 9l
Boost pump -
Execution standard
Placement under the sink
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Standard size membrane 1812
Country Ukraine
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Scheme of connection Ecosoft 6-75M
схема подключения фильтра обратного осмоса с минерализатором
Download the passport system with a full description and instructions on the Ukrainian and Russian can be the link below:

Инструкция фильтра обратного осмоса Ecosoft, Filter1, Наша Вода (9.25MB)

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