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Microfilter TFC TW30-1812-50 membrane in the reverse osmosis filter, Korea

-20% Microfilter TFC TW30-1812-50 membrane in the reverse osmosis filter, Korea zoom
Brand: Microfilter
Product Code: TFC TW30-1812-50
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Excellent osmotic membrane from the well-known Korean company Microfilter Co., Ltd. OEM manufacturer of membrane element is a Korean company Micro Chemical Manufacturer (MCM CO., LTD.).
In membranes Microfilter (MCM CO., LTD.), We have accumulated many years of positive statistics and can confidently recommend the membrane elements Microfilter as a reliable, proven, durable and high-quality reverse osmosis membranes for reverse osmosis filter.

Features Microfilter TFC TW30-1812-50:
- FDA certified Thin Film Composite Membrane
- Key materials are made in the USA
- Production of 100% ovtomatizirovano
- Tested 100% on vacuum test machines
- Comes dry without a liquid preservative for convenient and long-term storage

Benefits Microfilter TFC TW30-1812-50:
- Very high pokozatel system recovery (> 80%)
- Ability to work in a wide range of conditions and the characteristics of the input water
- High quality permeate
- Ideal for home reverse osmosis filter
- All membrane materials approved for use in food industry

The performance of the Microfilter TFC TW30-1812-50:
- Lifespan: 1 to 2 years
- The permeate flow rate: 50 GPD
- Max. Pressure: 125 psi (862 kPa)
- Max. Temperature: 100 F (38 ℃)
- Only for cold water

Buy a reverse osmosis membrane Microfilter TFC TW30-1812-50 you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you

Technical information
Performance 190 l / day
Execution spiral wound
Kind thin film
Material production PA, Nylon
Standard size membrane 1812
Country South Korea
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