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Aquafilter reverse osmosis membranes, Poland - United States

Aquafilter reverse osmosis membranes, Poland - United States

Reverse osmosis membrane of Aquafilter, Poland

  Original Aquafilter TFC membrane composed of a multilayer porous semipermeable film, wound around a central hollow core.

  TFC membranes Series is compatible with most reverse osmosis systems, water treatment on the market.

  Available in various capacities membrane elements: 50GPD, 75GPD, 100GPD, 125GPD.

  Aquafilter TFC membrane can effectively remove the water from the 96% -99% of suspended particles and impurities, most bacteria and viruses (anything larger than 0.0001 micron), and even individual ions.

  All the filtered impurities are washed down the drain.

  TFC membranes Series improve the overall water quality. It should be borne in mind that the performance of the membrane depends on the water temperature and applied pressure. At low temperatures, reduced system performance; Low pressure degrades the performance and quality of water treatment.

  Manufacturer: FilmTec ™ for Aquafilter

  Made in the USA

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