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H2O systems reverse osmosis cartridges

H2O systems reverse osmosis cartridges

Replacement filter modules (cartridges), standard size 10 "of H2O systems, Poland.

Traditionally, good quality cartridges for the mid-market.

Buy cartridges reverse osmosis H2O systems, you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

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H2O B-BL compressed carbon cartridge, carbon block
Cartridge H2O B-BL cleans water from a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds (free chlorine, organochlorine compounds, pesticides, petroleum products and derivatives). It improves taste, color and smell of the water. The technology used sintering activated carbon prevents the release of th..
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H2O B-GACB cartridge with activated charcoal
Cartridge H2O B-GCB clears the cold water of chlorine and organochlorines. Improves organoleptic properties of water. Delays organic compounds. The cartridge has a very high degree of absorption of contaminants as in cleaning water passes through the filter bed of activated charcoal with the maximu..
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H2O B-HOT1 cartridge for hot water
The cartridge of the treated polypropylene cord from mechanical impurities. Designed for installation in hot water filters. Maximum operating temperature - 80 ° C Buy cartridge reverse osmosis H2O B-HOT1 you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you..
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H2O B-ST softening cartridge
Cartridge softening H2O B-ST is made of high-grade Na-cationic resin. It removes water hardness salts and dissolved iron. It prevents the formation of scale deposits and solid. Source and softening degree depend on the content of hardness salts in the source water. The degree of softening is reduced..
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