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How it works reverse osmosis system

Purification of water by reverse osmosis - a leading technology now and in the foreseeable future. The real alternative there is not expected.

  Reverse osmosis (applied to the reverse osmosis system) - a process in which pressurized water is forced through a semipermeable membrane, and all the impurities remain in the feed water. Thus, the surface of the membrane are separated liquid to permeate (conditionally sterile fully demineralized soft water), which is collected in the drinking water, clean part of the reverse osmosis and the concentrate (remainder water all salts and other impurities), which merges into the drain.

   The main element of any system is the reverse osmosis RO membrane. The technological realization looks like a multi-layered envelope taped to the exposed portion of the rod with holes and wound helically on the rod via a spacer - spacer. Thus, a large filtration area with small overall dimensions of the reverse osmosis membrane.

   Water purification is carried out without using any chemicals, preservatives and pharmaceuticals (in contrast to bottled waters, waters from the barrels and the like. D.).

   Full desalting water reverse osmosis system yavletsya undoubted advantage and a positive thing, allowing the body to stop unnecessary zashlakovyvatsya inorganic salts. Traditional medicine confirms this - in the public domain much reliable information from reputable sources. You do not need to trust the conventional wisdom okolonauchnym notions of "live" and "dead" water, the structure of the water - is behind all this mass of people earning on the ignorance of consumers, in their ignorance of the fundamentals of chemistry and physics. Drinking water must be clean.

  Thus, setting a house home reverse osmosis filter, we get under the sink high-tech mini-factory to produce the highest purity of water with very low production costs.

  Budget spared, health preserved and improved, more free time - whether to question the obvious advantages of a reverse osmosis system?


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