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Filter1 6-36M MO636MF1 (KRO636F1M) five-stage reverse osmosis filter with a mineralizer company Ecosoft, Ukraine

Brand: Filter1
Product Code: RO 6-36M
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Six-step reverse osmosis filter from the company Ecosoft. Robust flask own production, the American Membrane Filmtec, fitting Organic.

Reverse Osmosis Filter Filter1 6-36M MO636MF1 work uses the principle of reverse osmosis. Today it is the most advanced water treatment technology.

Structurally, the reverse osmosis system Filter1 6-36M MO636MF1 consists of several blocks.

Node pre-treatment. It includes three robust two-piece filter flask, collected on a plastic mounting bracket. Replacement cartridges installed in the pre-treatment unit, solve the problem of water treatment before applying the membrane. Cartridge mechanical impurities with filtration rating of 5 microns CPV 25 x 10 "(Filter1 CPV25105F1) 5 m removes rust from water, sand, scale, slurry, clay and so on. Carbon cartridge containing silver treated activated carbon from coconut shell Filter1 KUDH 2,5 x 10 "(Filter1 CHV2510F1), removes water from chlorine and its derivatives, foreign gaseous impurities, some heavy metals. Finish cleaning block pre-filter cartridge by means of a foamed polypropylene rating of 1 micron CPW 25 x 10 "(Filter1 CPV25101F1) 1 mm; his task is to capture coal dust and doochischat water from the finest mechanical impurities.

The membrane assembly. After pre-treatment unit, water is supplied to the reverse osmosis membrane Filmtec TW30-1812-36, mounted in an enclosure. It is here that the separation of water from the solution containing impurities; pure water is conveyed further into the drinking portion of the system, and the remaining dirty water with impurities is drained into the drainage. The system uses a common storage tank volume of 11 liters, useful up to 7 - 8 liters depending on the pressure at the water inlet.

Node finish cleaning. When a user opens a drinking faucet located on the sink accumulated in the reservoir water passes through a carbon post-filter, whose task is to remove water from the remnants of foreign odors, adjust the taste and smell of water and purified through a mineralizer, whose task is to replenish minerals membrane completely desalinated water.

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Technical information
Stages of cleaning 6
Performance 137 l / day
Mineralizer +
Bioactivator -
Drinking faucet double, "drop"
Storage tank plastic, 11 l
Boost pump -
Execution standard
Placement under the sink
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Standard size membrane 1812
Country Ukraine
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Scheme of connection Filter1 RO 6-36M
схема подключения фильтра обратного осмоса с минерализатором


Download the passport system with a full description and instructions on the Ukrainian and Russian can be the link below:

Инструкция фильтра обратного осмоса Ecosoft, Filter1, Наша Вода (9.25MB)

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