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Filter1 5-36P MO536PF1 (KRO536F1P) Reverse Osmosis Filter with pump companies Ecosoft, Ukraine

Brand: Filter1
Product Code: RO 5-36P
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Reverse Osmosis Filter with pump pressure boosting production company Ecosoft, Ukraine.

Reverse Osmosis Filter with pump pressure boosting Filter1 5-36P (MO536PF1) is designed for use when connected to a water supply with low water pressure or water from wells. Pump to increase pressure reverse osmosis system allows to operate in the desired mode, the ratio of drinking water - drainage is optimal, rising productivity, improved quality of water treatment, increases the supply of water in the tank.

Reverse Osmosis Filter with pump Filter1 5-36P (MO536PF1) assembled on a special mounting bracket. The pump itself and the power supply are located on a vertical wall, which helps protect the electrical parts of the system from possible flooding. Bottom mounting plate is pre-filtration unit. Before applying the membrane removed from water contamination, chlorine and its derivatives, and various other gases. Reverse osmosis membrane completely obessalivaet and sterilized water. Purified membrane water is collected in a special tank. finishing block water treatment is implemented using coal postkarbona.

Buy a reverse osmosis filter Filter1 5-36P (MO536PF1) you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Stages of cleaning 5
Performance 137 l / day
Mineralizer -
Bioactivator -
Drinking faucet single, "drop"
Storage tank plastic, 11 l
Boost pump +
Execution standard
Placement under the sink
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Standard size membrane 1812
Country Ukraine
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Scheme of connection a reverse osmosis system Filter1 RO 5-36P

Схема подключения пятиступенчатого фильтра обратного осмоса с помпой

Download the passport system with a full description and instructions on the Ukrainian and Russian can be the link below:

Инструкция фильтра обратного осмоса Ecosoft, Filter1, Наша Вода (9.25MB)

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