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High-performance rig Ecosoft MO 24000 reverse osmosis

Brand: Ecosoft
Product Code: Ecosoft MO 24000
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Appointment of reverse osmosis ECOSOFT MO 24000:
water treatment in country houses, cafes, restaurants, laboratories, as well as in the industry for small processes.
Performance: 1 cu. m / hour
Type membrane element: Filmtec XLE-4040, Dow Chemical, USA
The number of membrane elements 4
The diameter of the pipeline connection: 3/4 "
The system is a modern functionally complete compact unit that meets all the requirements of efficiency, compactness and ergonomics.
The operating principle of a traditional system for reverse osmosis installations and is to divide the source water by a semipermeable membrane into two streams: purified water - and the permeate water with a high content of impurities - concentrate that is discharged into the sewers.
In systems of this type is used for technical solutions to recycling concentrate that can significantly reduce the discharge of waste water and increase the yield of purified water. Using high-performance membrane elements Filmtec XLE-4040 (Dow Chemical) allows you to adjust permeate efficiency of the system, depending on the source water quality and thus achieve maximum increase it (50-75%) without compromising performance properties of the membranes.
Stable and energy-efficient operation of the installation of reverse osmosis Ecosoft MO provided by high-pressure centrifugal pump Grundfos, characterized by a low power consumption.
Using modern controller provides full automation of the plant. In addition, the base model of the installation included permeate conductivity sensor that allows you to continuously monitor the quality of treated water.
The compact design of the system and a specially designed connection panel simplifies transportation, installation and maintenance of the installation. And the use of plastic connecting tubes provides a significant reduction in vibration and noise generated by the high-pressure pump at the plant.
If necessary, the proposed model can be made using the following options:
antiscalant dosing station;
membrane Filmtec LC LE-4040;
function washing the membrane permeate;
mix with raw water to adjust the composition of purified water;
sturdy wooden box for easy transport.
antiscalant cartridge foamed polypropylene 4.5 "x 20" (5 mm).

Features reverse osmosis ECOSOFT MO 24000:

Overall dimensions: 700 x 600 x 1450 mm
Allowable pressure in the membrane module: not more than 12 bar
The number of membrane elements: 4 x XLE-4040
Unit weight without water, no more than 100 kg
Ambient temperature: 5-35 ° C
Permeate: 24 cu. m / day (1000 l / h)
The maximum temperature of the treated water: 10-25 ° C
Manufacturer: Ecosoft
Connection Size: 3/4 "
Power consumption: 1.9 kW
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
Working pressure: 2-6 bar

The parameters of water treatment unit in gidropromyvki mode:

The duration of the hydraulic wash: 60s
Water consumption in the hydraulic flushing: 3500-4500 l / h
Water consumption per wash: 30-38 liters

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Technical information
Overall dimensions 700 х 600 х 1450 mm
Power consumption 1.9 kW
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Prefilter Big Blue 20"
Quantity membranes 4
Size connection 3/4"
Weight (dry) 100 kg
Performance Of 1 cubic meters/hour
Boost pump there
Standard size membrane 4040
Operating temperature 5–35 °С
Country Ukraine
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