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Raifil (CCK) ro-900-220-ez pump to increase the pressure in the reverse osmosis filter; pump-action set Taiwan

Brand: C.C.K.
Product Code: ro-900-220-ez set
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Price: 3 780грн
Price: $90.00

Brand Raifil (CCK) has long been a synonym for quality. Raising pumps Taiwanese Kouw Pinnq Enterprise Co., Ltd. equipped with everything necessary for long-term trouble-free operation under extreme conditions. Booster pump Raifil (CCK) ro-900-220-ez successfully operating in the commercial segment (small production, laboratory, pharmacy, etc.).

The pump action set Raifil (CCK) ro-900-220-ez includes:

- Booster Pump Ro-900-220-ez with good anchor excellent brush-collector unit, modern sound head;

- Power supply C.C.K. (Raifil) JK-22412;

- Low pressure CCK (Raifil) LP-03-GR-EZ;

- High pressure sensor CCK (Raifil) HP-03-GR-EZ;

- Connecting fittings;

- Mounting bracket.

Specifications Raifil (CCK) ro-900-220-ez allow the use of a set of step-up systems increased productivity, up to 100 GPD.

Operating pressure (output): 125 psi (8.5 atmospheres);

Productivity: 0.31 GPM (1.2 l / min);

Power supply: 24 VDC (volts).

Buy pump assembly RO Raifil (CCK) ro-900-220-ez, you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Performance 50-100gpd
Execution on the bracket
Power Supply +, 24V 1.2A
Low pressure sensor +
High pressure sensor +
Hoses for connection +
Country Taiwan
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