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New Water NW-P110 pressurization pump for the reverse osmosis filter into the housing; pump-action set, Taiwan

Brand: Новая Вода
Product Code: NW-P110
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Новая Вода


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NW-P110 apparatus for pressurizing water purification systems based on reverse osmosis.

Water purification systems based on reverse osmosis adapted to excessive pressure of the feed water in the range of 3-5.5 kg / cm2. If the pressure is below the limit, you must install a device to increase pressure NW-P110 (booster pump). For proper operation of the device you want to connect to the line of pure water between the body and the membrane storage tank (see. Diagram). If the high pressure switch does not disconnect the device when filling the tank full, you must configure the key imbusovym high pressure switch (high pressure switch) to the desired algorithm.

схема подключения помпы осмоса NW-P110

Technical data:

1) Nominal flow: 1.0 l / min

2) Maximum inlet pressure: 4.2 kg / cm2

3) The maximum output pressure of 7.7 kg / cm2

4) The maximum permissible water temperature: +40 ° C

5) Dimensions, mm: 115 x 85 x 115

6) Net Weight: 3.72 kg

7) Power supply: 220V, 50Hz


1) Main unit (pump, sensors, high and low pressure connectors, casing)

2) The power supply (220V, 50Hz)

3) Tee

4) Tube (Zsht.)

5) Operating Instructions


The manufacturer guarantees the proper operation of the pump osmosis NW-P110 if stored properly, installation and operation within 12 months from the date of sale. Product life of 5 years. At the end of the life of the product should be taken out of service.

The seller is released from liability in the following cases:

- Improper installation and operation of the product

- If the product and its parts have external damage

- If the product is operated inappropriately

- If the warranty card is lost or missing the mark on the date of sale Seller

- In other cases stipulated by law.

Other conditions

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes, not specified in this manual that does not affect the functionality of the product. Although every effort was made to verify the text of this manual, the manufacturer. does not warrant its completeness or correctness.

Buy pump-action set in the case of reverse osmosis New Water NW-P110, you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Performance 50-100gpd
Execution in the housing
Power Supply +, 24V 1.2A
Low pressure sensor +
High pressure sensor +
Hoses for connection +
Country Taiwan
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