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Aquafilter TFC-75F membrane in a reverse osmosis system

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Osmotic membrane Aquafilter TFC-75F is recommended for reverse osmosis filters. Standard dimensions of the membrane can use it in most domestic reverse osmosis systems; Performance is the most popular (75 GPD or 285 gallons per day).
For proper operation of the membrane system must be installed flow restrictor Aquafilter FR-420JG (about 0.42 liters / min).
The membrane comprises a plurality of layers are wound onto a perforated mandrel situated inside. Osmotic membrane retains 96% -99% dissolved organic and inorganic pollutants, heavy metals and some bacteria and viruses larger size 0.001 micron; the pollutants are separated and discarded in drainage. Purified water passes through the holes in the central mandrel and pressure leaves the membrane. Membranes should not be used for microbiological contamination of unknown origin.

Specifications Aquafilter TFC-75F
Performance Membrane: 75 GPD (285 liters / day)
Dimensions in inches: 11.9 * 1.8
Operating temperature 4 - 45 degrees Celsius
Operating pressure: 2.8 to 6 bar
Manufacturer: FilmTec ™ for Aquafilter

Benefits membranes Aquafilter TFC-75F
- The removal of contaminants from water larger than 0.001 mm
- Removal of some bacteria and viruses
- Compatible with most home reverse osmosis filters
- High performance and selectivity

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Technical information
Performance 285 l / day
Execution spiral wound
Kind thin film
Material production PA, Nylon
Standard size membrane 1812
Country USA
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