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Ecosoft 1-2-3 (CPV3ECO) set prefilters for the reverse osmosis system, the United States Ukraine

Brand: Ecosoft
Product Code: CPV3ECO
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Appointment set of cartridges Ecosoft 1-2-3 (CPV3ECO): pre-treatment of water for the protection and efficient operation of the membrane element and a reverse osmosis system Ecosoft in general.
Prefilter 1 - porous polypropylene cartridge. Removes mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns, holds the particles of sand, rust and other suspended contaminants. Extends the life of the remaining cartridges.
Particulate Filter 2 - high quality cartridge from the activated carbon ot hardened. It removes chlorine and organochlorine compounds, protecting the osmotic membrane.
Prefilter 3 - porous polypropylene cartridge. Removes impurities larger than 1 micron in size.
The degree of purification depends on the quality of the incoming water and can be changed during operation.
The key to long-term and efficient operation of the membrane element and a reverse osmosis system is the regular and timely replacement cartridge pre-filter. Failure to replace the cartridges can reduce the life of the membrane, and even to its destruction. To avoid such situations, it is strongly recommended to replace the cartridge pre-filter every 3 months.
Set Ecosoft 1-2-3 (CPV3ECO) for standard reverse osmosis filters of other manufacturers.
Buy a set of reverse osmosis cartridges Ecosoft 1-2-3 (CPV3ECO) , you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Execution a set of three cartridges
Material production polypropylene foam, carbon block
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Resource 8000l
Replacement interval 6 months
Filtration rating 1 micron
Operating temperature +4... +45°С
Filtration rate 6 l / min
Country Ukraine, the United States, Germany
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