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Membrane and postcarbon 4-5 Ecosoft CSVRO75ECO for reverse osmosis systems

Brand: Ecosoft
Product Code: CSVRO75ECO
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Set of the fourth and fifth stages Ecosoft CSVRO75ECO filter reverse osmosis. Designed to replace the membrane and carbon post-filter.
  The membrane Filmtec BW60-1812-75 improved performance produced by Dow Chemical, USA. Reverse osmosis membrane - the main element of a reverse osmosis filter. From the properties of the membrane element is dependent on the quality of water purification. Membranes Filmtec have a number of advantages over other manufacturers of membrane elements - the ability to work in a wide range of media with different characteristics alkalinity and acidity; fracture resistance of the filter layer; increased filtration area of ​​the envelope.
  Carbon postfilter Ecosoft intended to correct the taste and odor of treated water before being fed directly into the drinking tap the consumer. The housing of high quality food grade plastic filled with activated carbon from coconut shells. Quick fittings for hose 1/4 inch already pressed into the ends of the post-filter. It should be noted that the company is Ecosoft (unlike most competitors) really MANUFACTURER postkarbona (involved full production cycle).
  The service life of the membrane element depends on the quality of water regularly and service usage, and can range from several months to several years.
  Postkarbon recommended to replace at least once a year.
  Set of cartridges 4-5 Ecosoft CSVRO75ECO standard and suitable for most filters, reverse osmosis.
Buy a set of reverse osmosis cartridge 4-5 Ecosoft CSVRO75ECO you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Execution a set of a reverse osmosis membrane and coal postcarbon
Material production postkarbon - linear cartridge coal from coconut shell; membrane - polyamide spiral
Standard size cartridges line cartridge with integrated fittings 1/4 ", 2" x10 "
Standard size membrane 1812
Resource postcarbon - up to 6000 liters; membrane - up to 12,000 liters
Replacement interval postcarbon to 12 months; membrane 24 months
Filtration rating postcarbon - 20 m; membrane - 0.0001mkm
Operating temperature +4... +43°С
Filtration rate postcarbon - 2 l / min; membrane - to 0,095l / min
Country Ukraine, United States
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