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Ecosoft PDS2010ECO bioceramic activator in reverse osmosis systems, water strukturator Ukraine Taiwan

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Outliner Ecosoft PDS2010ECO - effective method of information activation of water and increase its power as a result of interaction with minerals.

Outliner Ecosoft PDS2010ECO contains five natural minerals:

Flint. The presence of fossilized organic material in the mineral flint makes a phenomenal biocatalyst capable of processing the energy of light and give the healing properties of water. The water after contact with the flint promotes the dissolution and removal of stones and sand from the body, strengthens the immune system.

Tourmaline. It has a water structuring abilities. It forms on the surface of a weak electric current and generates infrared radiation, water saturated with homeopathic doses of more than 20 trace elements. The result of its regular drinking is the activation of metabolic processes in the body and strengthening the biofield.

Quartz Mountain. One of the oldest minerals on the planet. Mining quartz structure similar to the structure of water. In conjunction with the quartz mountain water flows of information and structural transformation, and closest to its natural standard - Glacial mountain water sources.

Garnet. It has long been considered a healing mineral. It gives energy to the heart and lungs, supporting the immune system. The water after contact with garnet beneficial effect on the emotional state, stabilizes the heart activity, helps with inflammation and stimulates circulation.

Rhinestone. One of the minerals and energy healing properties of which are officially recognized by scientists. Active influence on the lymphatic system, eliminates all violations of fluid balance and swelling. The water after contact with the crystal causes the body to tone and reduces inflammatory reactions.

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Technical information
Execution Linear cartridge in a plastic case
Connection 1 female thread 1/4
Connection 2 female thread 1/4
Material production granules bioceramics
Standard size cartridges inline filter cartridge 2"x10"
Resource 2000l
Replacement interval 6-12 months
Filtration rating 20 microns
Operating temperature +4... +35°С
Filtration rate to 2 L / min
Country Ukraine
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