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What is the best water filter

  • 13 August 2014
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To determine which water filter is better to be understood: ways to clean drinking water in the mass production of just a few. And they are based on these technologies.

1. Removal of mechanical impurities (rust from pipes, sand, silt, clay, etc.).

2. Sorption. Typically, the sorbent is activated carbon (bituminous, bitumizirovanny, wood, coconut shell). Because the water is removed chlorine, organic chlorine derivatives and chlorine; hydrogen sulfide odors and dissolved gaseous agents.

3. Ion exchange. It uses special granulate (ion exchange resin). The task - to remove from the water hardness salts dissolved iron (namely dissolved rather than a colloidal or rust), some heavy metals.

4. The bacteriological protection. Hollow fiber membranes are used that does not allow the majority of bacteria, viruses, cysts.

5. Water treatment by reverse osmosis. Using a reverse osmosis membrane water is almost completely cleaned of hardness salts and other impurities, organic compounds, bacteria, viruses and so forth.

If you are just starting to get acquainted with the purification of drinking water and do not want this

stage to invest heavily, note the filter jugs.

Filter jug. This solution does not require connection to the water supply, compact and cost little. The filter removes a pitcher of water chlorine and hardness salts; We obtain advanced treatment of tap water on the main indicators. Cartridges (filtering module) should be changed every 1-3 months. Clean water in this filter will be a mechanical filter, activated carbon and ion exchange resin.


The same advanced treatment of tap water on the basic parameters (chlorine and its derivatives, hardness salts) can be accessed using the drinking system under the sink (two-, three-, four- and five-speed). The system itself is hidden under the sink, next to the main mixer there is a separate drinking faucet. The system is connected to the water supply. Purified water is the same material as the filter-pitcher, but the amount of filter media in the cartridge of such a system is ten times more. Accordingly, the water quality doochischennoy higher resource anymore. Optionally, this system can be expanded with bactericidal membrane (preferably water from wells). Very convenient and practical solution. Such systems are significantly more expensive jar filters, but the cost of a liter of drinking water below.

The complete water treatment can be obtained only by using a reverse osmosis system. Such complexes are much more complicated than the above solutions. Reverse osmosis filters are five-, six- and seven-speed; It can be fitted with a pump to increase pressure (to complete the work required a certain pressure). Just like drinking system flow type reverse osmosis systems are hidden under the sink for washing - drinking tap. The system provides the water as clean as possible, comparable in quality to the best bottled water (no longer a secret that most of the leading manufacturers of "mineral" water using the same technology). Optionally, reverse osmosis filter can be equipped with a mineralizer (for remineralization of water) and strukturatorom (bioactivator). The most expensive solution of the existing ones; while water is the lowest cost.

Thus, despite the variety of brands, sonorous titles and other marketing gimmicks themselves types and standards of clean drinking water a few, and say which water filter is best, difficult. To say, for example, that the filter-pitcher worse osmosis, too - it's just different solutions for different problems and a different budget.

The first article was published on our website Osmosis Kharkiv 08.13.2014

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