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Minerals in drinking water

  • 30 November 2014
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Reverse osmosis systems fully demineralisation (desalting) water. Very often, customers have questions - but what the body needs minerals in drinking water, but not whether the osmotic water washes away from the body useful substances, and so on. Try to understand.
Firstly, the body does not assimilate minerals in pure form, but as a chelate. This connecting metal ion bound to an organic molecule, which transports it to the body. Just mineral (or mineralized) water - salt solution in water; to body learned inorganic elements from water, it must occur chelating protein compounds. There is one "but": the body is very limited in the ability to form chelates of protein and minerals.
Thus, we can not practically absorb minerals (inorganic components) of water.
Secondly, all the necessary minerals the body gets from food plant and animal origin where the desired inorganic elements are already in the form of chelates.
Third, the minerals in the drinking water are not available to the body shape, so they are forced to withdraw the excess of the organism; creates an additional burden on the various systems of the body. "Unnecessary" of salt in the body pollute it, causing illness and premature aging. Inorganic salts were attached to cholesterol crystals and form the walls of rigid receptacles insoluble compound narrowing the lumen of the vessels. They give atherosclerotic plaque hardness and the particular danger. Also, such salts lead to restriction of the kidneys.
Fourth, the body part still manages to split inorganic salts. Thus obrazutsya desired alkaline mineral ions and anions, which must be neutralized and removed from the body. And for the neutralization of acidic residues the body needs to find again alkaline reserves.
The modern pharmaceutical industry produces minerals and trace elements in the form of "copied" from the nature of the compounds - chelates, citrates, glyukanatov, orotate, and others. They cost much more expensive than mineral chlorate and sulfate (the inorganic), but absorbed by orders of magnitude better.
By virtue of the above facts, the question of the use of minerals in the water is considered solved - that the water was really useful, it has to be THAT Num. There is no alternative source is really clean and safe water in your home can only reverse osmosis system, other reliable and proven technology is not there.
Reverse osmosis systems can be equipped with optional mineralizer. It is solely the inorganic (ie practically useless); saturation of water salts, and very little portions. The only defensible argument mineralizer - changes in the taste of the water is more familiar.
So it goes.
The first article was published on our website Osmosis Kharkiv 11.30.2014
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