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Miser pays twice

  • 30 December 2014
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Miser pays twice
Buy the cheapest system of unknown origin from questionable sellers should not rely on clean water and a quiet life. "Shaggy Chinese" are not made for long-term successful operation, and for a quick sale and a quick change to another system, the higher the quality. As the system owner, service men responsibly declare: one year from the use of dubious cheap little left. We have to change the connection fittings (flow), automation (not working), tap (drip), tank (tearing the diaphragm), the membrane (does not provide adequate clean water), filter housings (not withstand pressure), etc. It turns out that cheap plastic recycled still has an unpleasant smell, like all components of such rubber mount system.
Hoping to get clean water for a minimum of money people end up getting a lot of wasted time, nerves and money.
Presumptuous pays three times
Many people rely on their strength. Intense market study of drinking systems is deducted tons of texts, description, characteristics. Based on this information make its choice in favor of the promoted brand. All anything ...
It should be clearly understood that many descriptions, implicit and explicit positive reviews, discussions will be those systems that need to sell to maximize profits. It is a good system with a minimum of flaws (systems without any "weak spots" for some reason have not seen for 9 years). Only the price tag of such a filter includes the cost of components, assembly, intensive marketing, branding and so expensive
For all this you pay - the consumer.
Smart receives dividends
Smart IT ringing us. Under the order, according to the terms of reference of the client and the budget allocated to them collect, install and ensure smooth functioning of the drinking system. Significant cost savings, time and effort. The desired result is obtained. You, in fact, did not plan to get a system (with a bunch of stickers and the sonorous name) under the sink and clean water with the maximum convenience, anytime. Work on the result will be high-quality components, our experience and direct s hands.
Moreover, many regular customers replace cartridges we do free of charge - thanks for the recommendation deserved friends, relatives, colleagues.
Such good practice ygodnogo mutual cooperation with customers for many years.
The first article was published on our website Osmosis Kharkiv 12.30.2014
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