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Faults pump reverse osmosis

  • 17 January 2015
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Below are basic troubleshooting pump reverse osmosis.

Background noise when operating the pump

Worn bearings

It requires replacement of defective bearings.

Strong uneven wear of the collector

It requires replacement of anchors or Motor ator (electrical) entirely.

Strong development of the cam on the motor shaft

It is necessary to replace a head at the pump.

Strong heating of the engine at work

Is too powerful and efficient pump to increase pressure

If the pump is very different from the needs of the system, such a pump will always operate in overload mode, and consequently overheat.

Worn brushes

It requires replacement of brushes.

Depreciation, depletion and contamination of the collector

Need cleaning or replacement of the collector armature (telya assembly to move in!).

Winding short circuit in the armature winding

It requires replacement of anchors or the motor assembly.

The total power loss

In the foregoing reasons, the incident power, the engine does not spin to the position of turns of the winding burn and power supply, too, loses power (overheating). "Treated" replacement engine and (or) a supply unit.

Reduced pump performance

Firstly, it is necessary to exclude other causes (replace prefiliform Filtering, make sure that the mem branes of the reverse osm valve chetyrehho dovogo valve, flow restrictor)

Second, check the power supply unit (if it produces the desired voltage and current, and do not "sit" if it is under load)

Thirdly, it should look at the Iris ASMU. It must be flexible and have no signs of wear and deformation.

Fourth, you want to test the unit to the valve to reach. Rubber valve must be clean from all sides and elastic, without permanent deformation. Springs con usnyh valves should be smooth and elastic, seat under these valves must not be deformed.

Fifth, we must pay attention to the eccentric. It should be tight, interference fit on the shaft and riding have not generate on the inner surface. Between the cam and the bearing to move in! Telya typically be laying.

Sixthly, it is necessary to make sure in good brush-collector unit. Badly worn brushes to replace; Collector brush; with a strong deterioration of the collector is required to replace the entire engine.

Seventh, if the engine fell into the water, can interturn circuit armature windings; this engine to be replaced. Also, at the slightest moisture in the engine bearings suffer, and as a result, the engine speed is reduced.

The pump is not long off

Firstly, to exclude (and ignored) other reasons: prefiliform Filtering dirty, worn memb wound, low temperature water inlet, defective elements of the reverse osmosis system (non-return valve, four-valve flow limiter).

Secondly, the pump can lose performance with time (see. Above).

Third, we should pay attention to the high pressure sensor. He flow, the branch is placed in drinking (often a line on the tank). His state - permanently closed, opens the circuit supply pump at a set pressure of the drinking system (tank, the post-filter, etc..). It has ability to adjust (allen wrench). Twisting the barrel, reduce the opening pressure of the sensor (open circuit on and off the pump). Suitably the pressure in the drinking portion is 2 to 3 atmospheres.

Rarely, but sometimes faulty microswitch in the high pressure sensor. This sensor must be replaced.

The pump will not turn on

Firstly, replace prefilters; check the system for lack of twists and kinks in the hoses.

Second, check the power (power supply unit, the integrity of the wiring switching reliable contact at the terminals of the sensor)

Third, check the sensors. You can short-circuit the wires to the sensors, the sensors are temporarily excluded from the chain.

Fourth, a separate check-pressure sensor bottom. His state - permanently open. Position (and thus energizes the pump) at a minimum pressure of water. This so-called sensor "dry run", which does not run the pump without water. It may be a situation where the minimum water pressure at the inlet is not enough to trigger the sensor. Alternatively, it can be moved to the very entrance of the reverse osmosis system; dirty water sensor is not terrible.

If the list above you have not found such a fault in its reverse osmosis, please contact us in any convenient way; We answer to each question.

The first article was published on our website Osmosis Kharkiv 01.17.2015

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