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Watermelon IF-30d three-potable system, Ukraine Kharkiv

Brand: Watermelon
Product Code: IF-30d
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Price: 1 800грн
Price: $45.00

The price of Watermelon IF-30d already includes delivery across Kharkov and Ukraine in Kharkov and installation!

Drinking system with a separate valve in three stages water purification from mechanical impurities and chlorine and its derivatives with bacteriostatic action.

Stair cleaning: 3
Dimensions HxWxD: 345h395h140
Recommended filtration rate, l / min3,8
Operating temperature: 4-40 ° C
Working pressure: 2 - 5.5 bar
Mass transport not more than 4 kg
Country of origin: Ukraine

IF-30d with a disinfecting cartridge
Featured replaceable elements

Stage Model Cartridges as standard equipment
1st stage All models Watermelon P5
2nd stage IF-30 Watermelon GAC-10/CC-10
IF-30d Watermelon CC Ag
IF-30h Watermelon WS-10
3rd stage All models Watermelon EPM-10

Recommended periodicity of replacement of removable elements - every 6 months:

Buy treble Watermelon IF-30d can place an order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Stages of cleaning 3
Performance 2-3 l / min
Drinking faucet single, "drop"
Execution standard
Kind water treatment
Placement under the sink
Connection kit there is
Softening there is no
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Country Ukraine
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