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PRO3200W accumulator in the reverse osmosis system

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The water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane is very slow. One must have extraordinary patience to wait for filling at least a glass of water. Therefore, domestic reverse osmosis filters are equipped with air-water storage tank for storing the treated water. Storage tank provides a steady and constant flow of water at the opening of the drinking water tap.
Storage tank is commonly called tank TOE. The tank has two cavities - air and water, separated by a flexible diaphragm. The air cavity pumped air pressure 0,4 - 0,6 bar. During operation of the reverse osmosis purified water flows into the water of the tank, compressing the air through a diaphragm portion; as a set of water pressure increases. When you open the tap drinking water, compressed air through a flexible diaphragm pushes the accumulated water from the tank to tap the consumer.
TOE reservoir housing is made of plastic.

Features PRO3200W

- Plastic housing
- The smooth inner surface prevents damage to the diaphragm
- High-quality butyl diaphragm, post-curing procedure insures the presence of foreign taste and odor
- Compliance with safety standards NSF 61 and 58. Approved IAMPO and CE.

Specifications and PRO3200W

- Height: 14 "
- Diameter: 9 "
- The actual size of the tank: 3.0 gallon
- Tank Capacity: 2.0 gallons
Buy RO storage tank PRO3200W you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for youконтакты osmosovsky.com.

Technical information
Execution vertical tank
Connection 1 male thread 1/4
Kind hydropneumatic accumulator
Volume 2.2 gallons overall, useful to 2 gallons
Coverage plastic
Material production plastic
Operating temperature 4 - 45°С
Country Taiwan
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