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New Water NW-G / R10 combined cartridge with activated carbon and ion exchange resin, Ukraine Taiwan

Brand: Новая Вода
Product Code: NW-G/R10
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Новая Вода


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Cartridge New Water NW-G / R10 purifies the water from a wide range of organic and inorganic substances (free chlorine hloroganicheskie compounds, pesticides, phenols, benzenes, petroleum products and derivatives thereof), reduces overall rigidity and prevents the formation of scale, improves the taste, color and odor water.

The composition of downloads:
- High quality granulated activated coconut carbon,
- High-quality food-Na-cation resin.

The degree of purification:
- Free chlorine: 99%
- For CaCO3: 440 mg / cm3
The resource and the degree of softening depends on the concentration of hardness and impurities in the source water. The degree of softening and cleaning is changed during operation.

Cartridge Features New Water NW-G / R10
- Operating temperature: +2 ... 35 degrees. FROM.
- Recommended filtration rate: 2 l / min.
Buy cartridge Reverse Osmosis Water New NW-G / R10, you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Execution cartridge in a plastic case
Material production granular activated carbon, ion exchange resin
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Resource 2000l
Replacement interval 6 months
Filtration rating 20 microns
Operating temperature +4... +35°С
Filtration rate to 2 L / min
Country Ukraine, Taiwan
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